I had my lumbar fusion surgery done by Dr. Hua 2 weeks ago, it is the dime surgery, once I was awoken from the surgery, I can feel the pinching pain and numbness which stretched from my right bud all the way down to the lower leg had all gone, right now I am pain-free and can walk a mile a day! Thanks for Dr. Hua who has done the amazing surgery! 

Dominique Chan

Sunnyvale, CA


I suffered for years with a severe neck problem. He performed my surgery and I've been pain free in my neck for the last 3 years. It's time to have my Low Back surgery, and here I am looking him up again. That should tell you something, because I won't let anyone else cut on me. He did a great job and when he found more problems than anticipated he stayed 9-1/2 hours to make sure he got it done right. I strongly recommend Dr. Hua.

Gene Cox 

San Jose, CA 

Jun 07, 2017 


I have an extensive history of neck issues and have had 2 prior fusions. An adjacent level disc herniated so Dr. Hua  recommended an artificial disc replacement, vs. a fusion to preserve range of motion. Dr. Hua is compassionate, and  a highly skilled Neurosurgeon. I recommend him, especially if you have complex spinal issues.

Valerie L.


San Francisco, CA


When there is no other option but to have surgery for constant radiating and pulsating pain, I was petrified to go through my first surgery.  Having any type of spine surgery requires a neurosurgeon with precision skills  to carry out a successful operation.  Dr. Hua is an excellent neurosurgeon and he is also one with patient social skills.  Even though Dr. Hua was outside of my network, I wanted him to be my surgeon for such a serious surgical procedure to remove a cyst from my spine.  It has been almost one week since my surgery and there is no more nerve pain.  Thank you Dr. Hua and  your staff for helping me through this life changing surgery. 

Joann Y.


Fremont, CA


Dr. Hua and his staff are amazing, he walked us through the whole procedure and didn't make us feel like we were wasting his time. His staff was always available to answer all our questions. Kate has been amazing and very patient answering all our billing and paperwork questions. Dr. Hua's bedside manners was awesome, he made sure my husband was comfortable  and understood everything that was going on the day of the procedure. He even waited for me after the surgery was done because I had left to get something to eat. We couldn't have asked for a better doctor professionally and personally.
Thank you Dr. Hua & staff 

Denise W.


Manteca, CA


When I woke up from the surgery, my severe pain was gone. 

It's been only week since surgery and I can pretty much do everything without severe pain.

He is just AMAZING and I am very LUCKY. 

And also his assistant Kate is very professional and friendly as well.

Huge appreciation to Kate and Dr. Hua for taking care of me. I strongly recommend Dr. Hua for anyone who has back and neck pain

Esther P.



Everything was as I expected. My surgery went well and I was treated with perfect care. Thank you! 



I am so happy with my decision not only to have the surgery but to use Dr. Hua. The people in the office along with other doctors were so incredibly nice, compassionate and caring. I came out of surgery without the pain I was previously experiencing. I had heard so many negative comments about back surgery but after my experience with Dr. Hua and his great God given gift and his caring staff, I will recommend his office and I have, to everyone with a back problem who is contemplating surgery. Thank you! You gave me my life back!

Martha V.


It has been 4 months since my fusion. I am proof that this procedure works. The day before surgery, I could only walk with a cane about 60-80 feet without stopping.

Two weeks after this procedure on 3, 4, & 5 vertebra, I was able to walk a mile a day. This is the first time in 12 years I can walk with no pain or numbness. I am 68 years old and now walk 2 miles a day with no cane and pain free!

Many thanks to Dr. Sherwin Hua for this non invasive procedure, his extensive knowledge and expertise!

Leonard A.


Dr. Hua and Dr. Watkins explained everything in great detail: the pre-surgery, surgery and post surgery. What they didn't explain is how fast I healed and returned to normal everyday life! It was a pleasure to work with them and I tell everyone with similar symptoms to check out their medical practice.



Thank you for the excellent operation on my lower spine.

Healing has been quick and I have received excellent, professional care from Dr. Hua, and his staff has been outstanding!



Dr. Hua did exceedingly well in taking care of my back problem. Thank you!



I loved Dr. Hua and the treatment I received in the hospital. The office staff is great no matter the situation they encounter.



Both Dr. Hua and Dr. Watkins have been very nice, helpful and competent! Thank you!



After a 9 hour surgery on my neck, from C2 to C7 fixing another Drs mistake, I was pain free and have been so for 4 years. Prior to the surgery I was a shutin never leaving my house because of the pain.

If I could I would build a statue to Dr. Hua, He is that good!


Great outcome, Fast recovery.  

Busy office but worth it.


Dr. Hua was my surgeon for a cervical discectomy and fusion.  The surgery went well and I have no pain in my right hand, arm or shoulder.  I wish that I would have done it sooner.


Dr. Hua has been very helpful with my questions.  Dr. Hua is a very brillant man and also very kind.  I would definitely recommend him.  He did my neck surgery and back surgery and I'm doing great.

​Thanks Dr. Hua!


My mom-in-law (78 years old) had severe leg pain due to a disc bulge. Her PCP was not helping and referral to stanford spine clinic took 2 weeks. While we are in desperate, we got Dr. Hua's phone number, we called Dr. Hua in Saturday morning, luckily he himself picked up the phone and saw us in the afternoon. He gave her some meds specific for nerve to relief some pain and did Microscopic Discectomy surgery 3 days later. 

The surgery was very successful, it was finished at night around 8pm, and by next morning she was able to walk by herself.

Unfortunately a physical therapy doctor came and asked her to walk long long distance, 'to test her limit'. After that my mom-in-law felt pain in the butt on other side (not the same side before surgery). It's been 3 weeks and she is still recovering from the butt pain, but the original leg pain (on other side) is totally gone.

Dr. Hua is very very responsible, we can text him questions and he would text back whenever he has time. We once text him on a Friday night and he responded within 5 minutes. I never heard of any other doctors doing this. Doctors like him are real backbones of the US healthcare system!

Although I am the first reviewers here in yelp, pls check vitals.com there are lots of other patient reviews, all are 5 stars.

Frank Y.



Q: How do I judge whether a doctor is effective?

A: What he says will happen, happens!

Dr. Sherwin Hua is attentive and effective.

I had my discectomy performed by Dr. Hua at St. Rose Hospital (a small but great hospital) in Hayward, CA.

Dr. Hua was very reassuring before the operation. Post-op, he said things would get much better within two months. Within two days, I was cautiously walking. I could have started walking earlier, but my own concerns kept me from trying too hard.

Sure enough, each day up to the two month mark, I felt better and gradually gained confidence to move around more and more. Now I feel just about "brand new".

My L4-L5 bulge had greatly affected my movement and the pain was unbearable. I had tried pain killers, physical therapy, and steriod shots. None worked and things got worse.

Dr. Hua indicated that it was a structural issue that he could fix.

And fix it, he did.

Dr. Hua receives my highest recommendation.

Harry L.



Dr. Hua and my family doctor, Dr. Marvin Masada are the best doctors I even met in my life so far. Dr. Hua who developed a dime-sized incision surgery which helped a lot of patients in chronic pain and I am one of them. When I was diagnosed that I have A-typical facial pain which is the most painful disease amongst all chronic pains. When I found helplessness and hopelessness, people who were once around me neglected and ignored me because of my illness, I tried to end my life tons of times. Fortunately, I have my beloved son who sacrificed his semester in Berkeley to take care of me because I am very dysfunctional. Through dr. Masada, I got to know dr. Hua. Originally, surgery on facial pain is usually rejected my insurance because it is very expensive. However, Dr. Hia helped me to get the insurance approved. Now almost three months after the surgery, I am still in pain and on medication, at least my pain is in control (Dr. Huang already reminded me several times of pain-free after the surgery is impossible.). Of course, I don't expect pain free, but at least the pain that I can tolerate up to the level that I can have my life back and function again. Dr. Hua was very patient to listen to my condition and explained to me in detail of how the surgery he was going to perform. After the surgery, whenever I have some questions about my post surgery pain, I asked my son to text him, he always tried his best to text him back even during weekends. I never see a doctor who can work so hard to help his patient except Dr. Hua. He is a very brilliant and skillful doctor and the most importantly, he has a strong sense of responsibility with a warm heart. He cares about his patients very much even he has link called Drchrono so that you can communicate with him in writing and he always answers your questions promptly.



The Pain is all gone after surgery. Some incision pain is still there but much better every day. Dr. Hua did an amazing job. Real Friendly Doctor. He explained everything in great detail so that I could understand it and he was right on.



I had surgery for a herniated disc by another surgeon and my leg pain did not change, in fact it worsened to the point that I could not walk for months. 2 other surgeons said there was nothing that could be done. I finally found Dr. Hua who operated and now I can walk and start exercising again. Thank God for his expertise!.



Dr Hua performed my second spinal surgery. While his bedside manner is reserved, his skill is exceptional. People who have complained about waits need to understand the complexity of neurosurgery. I think a 20-30 minute wait is good. He is a quite skilled surgeon. I trust him with my care. Since I have had the same surgery twice, I can compare the recovery from the surgeries and the recovery from the surgery with Dr. Hua was by far superior than my first surgery. When I asked other doctors in the area before undergoing a second spinal surgery their opinion of Dr Hua and his partner - they all said that they would use them both and that they were the best in the area and among the best in the LA area. That off-sets any other issues for me. I have been please with both Dr. Hua and his staff.


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