NOTICE: Dr. Hua is NO LONGER seeing patients at the office located at Advanced Surgical Associates, 200 Jose Figueres Ave. #225, San Jose CA 95116. For patient who were seen at that office, you will need to obtain the old records by calling Advanced Surgical Associates at

408-929-5610 and request a release of your medical records. 

Then call us at our new office for continuation of care at 888-588-6988. Dr. Hua continues to see patients at the Hayward Office. His new office is in Campbell but also has offices in

Los Gatos, Evergreen, and Redwood City.

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neck and arm pain

Cervical spine disease can cause neck pain, arm pain, headache, and even paralysis. Dr. Hua specializes in proven techniques like Artifical Disc Replacement and Foraminotomy which avoids fusion and Laminoplasty which avoids laminectomy and preserves stability.

From facial pain to brain tumors, brain disorders can be complex to understand and treat. Dr. Hua explains the problem clearly and treats the problem effectively. Blood clots are treated using tiny incisions, while brain surgery is done with minimal hair shave.

Back and leg pain
brain disorders

Dr. Hua specializes in Lamina Preserving Surgery that avoids laminectomy! Dr. Hua also uses a Dime Sized Incision for herniated discs and most Fusions. So your pain will be relieved with faster recovery while preserving the stability of your spine.

​Spine Surgery in San Jose,

East Bay, and Penninsula


Dr. Hua is a Hopkins trained, board certified neurosurgeon who specializes in brain and spinal disorders and neurosurgical pain management.  

Dr. Hua has learned through his vast experience with brain and spinal disorders that less invasive and being less aggressive with surgery is often better for the patient.

The balance between doing enough to relieve the symptoms and letting the body heal itself versus doing too much which can cause more problems in the future is often a fine line that takes years of experience to learn.

Less is More!

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